About Pet Rewards

Semi Moist Cat and Dog Treats. Sugar Free. Guilt free.

At Pet rewards Our aim is to ensure a quality product that your pets will love.

Our Sports Trainers for dogs are an amazing option for training or walking your dog. By offering a quick reward for being obedient or doing something right positive behaviour is reinforced!  Sports Trainers are also awesome for the smaller breeds of dogs that we love so much.

Our Duo Hearts and Duo Rounds are are loved by all – especially the dogs!

When it comes to cats we aim to please with a variety of options.  However,  as we all know – cats are harder to please. Just like humans! Cats like variety and change. Today they may love something and tomorrow they don’t. Try again in a week or two and they may have changed their mind! Don’t throw away the food or treat just change it for them and revisit the option a little later.

About Pet Rewards Products

We have 4 variants of Cat Treats in 140gm containers ( 8 units in a box ) These 4 variants are the Chicken, Salmon and Lamb flavours as well as a High Protein Balls option.

The Dog Treats come in 200gm bags ( 14 bags in a box ) and 500gm buckets (8 units in a box) options. There are 15 choices in the 500gm buckets and 17 choices in the 200gm bags.

We have a Gluten free range within the Dog variants of treats and these are in Chicken and Lamb options.

We then have the normal rolls, flat strips (we call them Jerky), and sticks.

Our Duo Hearts and Dou rounds are a different option that are loved by all and especially the dogs.

At Pet Rewards We support our local charities and shelters and if you would like to purchase for them we will deliver directly to any of the shelters you nominate. Just give us all their details and we will drop off your dontation.

We partner with the AACL ( Animal Anti Cruelty League ) and 5% of all sales will get donated to them for the good work they do and need to continue doing for animals in distress.

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